Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall is one of my favorite seasons

The one thing bad about fall is what comes after it. That Old Man winter that likes to hang on long after it should have left.
Fall is a season that comes along with lots of activities. Snooze and you'll miss them while you stand outside with a snow shovel in your hand.
Fall signals a time to get ready for a big change ahead. Get those outside chores done before the snow flies.
Gardens need turning, weeds plucked and some pruning can take place. Unless you plan on fishing, get your boat winterized and covered.
Fishing in the fall gives you another season to figure out. And you won't be rushed because most people have put away fishing stuff for hunting gear.
Grouse, woodcock-later pheasants-now squirrels and soon rabbits will be ready to be hunted. Bow hunters are plunking arrows into back yard targets. Firearms hunters are at the range getting zeroed in.
Then there are those luscious fall colors to enjoy on the way to your favorite cider mill. Don't forget a cinnamon donut!
Get outside and enjoy the fall. Soon enough, we'll be cooped up waiting for the spring thaw.

Photo from DNR of fall colors in a state forest.

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