Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas gifts

When my family asks me what I would like for Christmas I try to be pretty specific. Even though I can wear a large in most cases, I often prefer an XL for more room to move.
But the safe bet, at least for me, are books. I enjoy receiving them as much as I do giving them. They last, may be passed down, or held onto like a good friend.
But there again, I'm specific about what I like to read. Outdoors topics are nice but you do need a break from the routine. So I like some recreational reading as well.
Which brings me to another point about reviewing books. Early on I decided I would not write negatively about someone's book. If I didn't like it or feel it measured up to what (in my opinion) a book should, I wouldn't review it.
That caused some probelms a few years back when I met someone at a show who asked why I hadn't reviewed this book. "Send it to me and I'll look at it," I replied. Eventually the book came but the quality was pitiful.
A shortime later I recieved a call asking when the review would be pulished. I explained I wouldn't review it and would be happy to send it back-which I did-much to the disastisfaction of this person.
My point is not everything is as it seems. From books to equipment, sometimes they aren't what they are cracked up to be.
Happy shopping.

Monday, November 23, 2009

When you stop and think about it, deer season is a long one. It goes for several months and offers a variety of hunting style.
Archery season kicks it off, followed by firearms, back to archery that is interspersed with muzzleloading.
Some of us hunt all of them, while others like to hunt one or two. It's that choice that makes it truly great. Without it, we would be enjoying fewer seasons and opportunity on the hunt.
Anti would love that. Not so many years back they tried to eliminate bear hunting. Known around the state as "the bear imitative," through a lot of hard work, along with getting the word out, the measure was defeated.
It's too bad these groups haven't come together to help pass a dove hunting bill. Even if you choose not to hunt this wily bird, others should be given the chance.
That's what it's all about. Having the choices available to us. We get to choose to say yes or no, not some special interest group doing it for us.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The last few weeks have been devoted to covering deer hunting here in southeasdt Michigan. With very few exceptions, it's been pretty smooth.
Several hunters have found success on public land as evidenced by the bucks being brought into check stations.
Then there are those that contine to advance the image of slob hunters. Tim Payne, DNR wildlife biologist for this neck of the woods mentioned it a month or so ago when I contaced him about a poaching case.
At that time he talked about people that shoot a deer, then take only the good parts like the rack, leaving the rest, or just the backstraps. The thinking is it's good for the wild animals and helps feed them.
That must have been true on McGinnis Road in Groveland opening morning. As I was interviewing a hunter with a nice rack, I noticed across the road a fres gut pile complete with the hide.
Why drag it out and gut it in the road? Why not gut it in the woods and leave the hide on? Let it hang for a few days then take the hide off and process it.
Must be someone else figuring to feed all those hungry critters in the woods. Stop and think about your actions or the ones you are about to take.
Things like gut piles on the road just feed the fire for the anti's. Slowly but surely, our hunting rights are going to be taken away by actions such as this.
Have a safe hunt.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Deer opner in North Oakland County

Up north type deer camps may have been put on hold what with A Sunday opener. All that could change this next week when many hunters are expected to head north to their favorite spots, find a stump and sit.
Predictions were for greater hunting pressure in northern Oakalnd and Lapeer counties. Those predictions have been right on.
The deer check station at Holly was very busy Sunday with many nice bucks brought in. And car counts around the game area including Highland and Lapeer were up.
For the most part, hunters seemed enthusiastic about conditions. Although Sunday was damp, it wasn't the usual bitter cold of past openers. Many hunters stayed in the woods throughout the day, coming out at dark.
There are still plenty of deer and good deer hunting left. This might be the time to ask permsiion to hunt private land.
Farmers have been out picking corn menaing deer will be on the move and had less paces to hide. Have a safe hunt!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Safety considerations for deer hunters

The November 15 firearms deer opener is nearly here. Many hunters are preparing for deer camp loading up groceries, sleeping bags and anything else that will make up what each considers camp.
Remember the hunters orange. Besides being a law, it's the safe and smart thing to do. A lot of hunters go with the minimum-maybe just an orange hat.
But in this case the more you wear the better other hunters will see you. With the woods crowded especially in southeast Michigan, it just makes sense to stand out.
Don't forget a light. You might be going to the stand or coming from it in dark. Carry a light and use it. There are still hunters that blaze away at noise. If you have a light turned on, you're announcing you are not a four-legged critter.
Finally, know your target. Don't shoot at noise like the example above. You can't hunt or shoot during dark hours so wait, identify your target and know what is behind it before pulling the trigger.
You treestand hunters have your own set of safety concerns. Unload that firearm before hauling it up into the stand. Do the same when coming down. Remember to climb with a belt and wear it at all times while aloft.
You'll want a harness that supports you in an upright position in the event of a fall-one that doesn't cut circulation and oxygen off.
Have a safe hunt. P.S. If you get a nice buck, email me at Be sure and get a picture that may by useable in a publication. That means no sign of blood and keep the tongue inside the mouth!