Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Saginaw Bay-Last stop for Fishing Vacation School

Sitting alongside Mark Martin in his insulated Otter Ice shack, you wouldn't know this longtime pro walleye angler was into the third and last ice school of the ear.
What singles Martin out from others is the "on" button he possesses. The guy is absolutely in gear and on anytime to talk about fishing.
He is the best representative of the sport I have ever come across. Not only does he fish hard and share his extensive knowledge, he works just as hard or harder presenting education-filled seminars, photography, personal appearances around the country and excellent spokesman for the products he uses and believes in.
Ask him a fishing-related question first thing in the morning. You may get a bit of a yawn then an explanation along with more information that you probably asked for.
In the evening after 14-hours of fishing, doing live interviews and working with students, that same Martin is still "on" and willing to answer questions, get up and speak or help rig your rod.
The most excited I have seen him is when I or someone else has a fish on. Yesterday was a great example.
I hooked into what turned out to be probably a five-puns walleye. With my rod bent double Martin moved to kneel alongside the hole I was trying to bring the fish through.
"That's it, keep reeling," he said. "I see him. That's a great fish." About that time the fish was just under the ice. It must have looked up, saw us and spit my glo-in-the-dark Slender spoon then headed back down into the 25-feet of water he called home.
We were using a Lowrance graph to show depth and fish. With the latest equipment, neither of us saw this fish come from the bottom right up to my spoon and attack it.
So much for having a world-class ice fishing professional seated alongside of you with all the latest equipment.
Sometimes it is about luck.
Mark Martin with a five-pound Saginaw Bay walleye. By Beukema

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