Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ohio walleye tourney had a Michigan connection

   Last Sunday during the AIM Weekend Walleye Series tournament out of Port Clinton, Ohio Dearborn Heights resident, Ali Shakoor and his partner Brian Zarembski won first place good for $2,000.
   What seemed a tad unusual was all of the two-person teams participating were from Ohio with the except of Shakoor.
   The surprising thing was the light turnout of anglers for what seems to be known as a prime fishery. The weather was perfect; water surface smooth as glass, lots of water so no one got crowded off their spot and the best thing, fish on the bite.
   Everyone was trolling something. Most teams were on the crank bait bite while some pulled crawler harnesses.
   Walleye tournaments are known for being held in bad weather. Either it's cold, snowing, raining or sleeting, usually windy enough to make for some big seas and fishing hours cut short due to bad weather.
   On Saginaw Bay several years ago with good friend Lance Valentine of Walleye-101 when we got a call from a fellow angler well out beyond us taking on water.
   Seems as though his bilge pump had decided to quit at a moment when it was needed. Seas were running high and still building. We got to our fishing spot, turned around and headed back in without setting a line.
   We hung around to be sure our pal made it back safely. He was way down in the stern with the big motor pushing a water logged boat as best as it could.
   Anyway, being in that state south of Michigan was tough enough. But having a Michigan man on the winning team made it tolerable.

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