Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Gaylord-home of Elk Viewing and Treetops Gourmet food for Skiers

With thin snow around Michigan, even the snow belts city of Gaylord was finding it strange not to have plenty of the white stuff around. The last few years with heavy snowfalls have made us expect plenty for winter activities.
By late Saturday night and into Sunday, phones were ringing off the hook at local ski resorts. Callers were inuring about snow depths and making reservations for snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing and all else having to do with snow sports.
The group I was with wound up show shoeing the Aspen Trail just outside of Gaylord proper. By mid-morning Saturday our group from the Michigan Winter trails had decided against cross country skiing, tubing or downhill skiing.
Many opted for hiking or strapping on the snowshoes in nearly 40-degree temperatures and light rainy.
Following our two-mile trail walk, we stopped to view elk in a 100-acre enclosure near Aspen Trail.
If you've not seen elk you will be amazed at their size, especially the bulls with huge racks.
All of that changed about 7p.m. Saturday night when the predicted snowstorm dumped nearly a foot on area slopes and trails.
our sleigh ride-in this case wagon ride-courtesy of Tree Tops resort, out to Project Nature and our dinner destination was enjoyable during the heavy snowfall.
We were treated to a gourmet 4-course dinner culminating in a snowy ride back to Treetops.
For more information on Treetops Skiable feast or Wilderness Sleigh Ride Gourmet Dinners visit or call (877)TREETOPS.
Trail and other resort information can be found at
Photo be Beukema of bull elk

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