Thursday, March 24, 2016

Leave wildlife in the wild

Good advice for any of you planning on being outside, especially in fields and woods. Birds are building nests and busy finding mates.
Waterfowl are busy strutting around marsh areas looking for likely nesting spots that will conceal babies but not too far from water for swim lessons.
Young deer, fawns, are animals most likely to be picked up by humans and brought home to be hand-raised.
By trying to do the right thing when it comes to nature, we often wind up doing the exact opposite. Those nests with young birds are fine. Parents are off searching for bugs, worms or seeds to feed the little ones with.
Does leave for most of the day leaving their fawns alone while the mothers feed. By staying away and not going in and out of the nesting place, does aren't likely to leave their scent which attracts predators.
The best advice is to leave that baby bird where you found it and get out of an area where a fawn was left.
You'll be offering them better protection.

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