Thursday, June 16, 2016

Kayak fishing-always something new

I'm headed to Lake Ovid around Lansing for a kayak bass fishing tournament on Saturday. New to me will be fishing thick, heavy weeds in a lake supposedly holding lots of bass, still experimenting around with equipment and where to place it all, and finally, towing a trailer with a kayak lashed to it.
New tires, new hitch pin, registration plate and a good set of tie down straps should handle everything.
I'm used to carrying my yak on the truck roof or stuffed inside the bed under the cap. So this is completely different.
I've continued experimenting with what baits and rods to bring along with other equipment to leave at  home or bring along, "just in case." That just in case pile gets bigger overtime I look in the garage.
Bait selection is always difficult for me on any outing. I take some shallow diving crank baits, a few quarter ounce spinner baits and the rest is plastics of different sizes, colors and style.
I had hope to fool around with a stakeout pole for this tournament. Right now I don't carry an anchor but due to the shallow water depths, thought I could plunge a kayakers modified anchor-a stakeout pole-into the lake bottom to keep me in once spot.
This trip I'll be camping, so my equipment for that needs rounding up and loaded along with cooking gear, food and a heavy box with a tight fitting lid to deter squirrels and raccoons from sampling the food I bring.
Better get to it. It won't pack itself!
Grandson Josh Chekal with a largemouth bass caught from a kayak.

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