Friday, July 29, 2016

What's the best equipment? It all depends.

I'm frequently asked to give my opinion on the best rod or reel, the best gun to hunt deer with, the best place to cross country ski and on and on.
Recently the interest in what is the best is about kayak fishing. You guessed it, what's the cheapest and best fishing kayak, recommend a good pfd, or where should I go to catch the most fish.
I won't give away fishing spots but from time to time, I'll share what's out there in the way of new equipment. If I don't like it or it doesn't perform well, I'm not going to bash it.
Either I feel it's something that would benefit the kayak community or other sport or I won't mention it.
That's not a cop out or middle of the road comment. What may not work for me, you might find perfectly suitable for your needs.
Here are there items you might find a need for.
1) Just a couple of years removed from it's introduction is the Assault Hand Paddle with its. hook blade and molded-in teeth.
Short paddle at 22-inches long, the paddle has a foam grip and wrist lanyard. It's perfect for holding you over a spot, grabbing a limb that has caught your favorite bait and takes one hand to use.
It's available in OD-green and orange. More and more yak anglers are carrying them situated between their legs or under the seat for quick use.
For more information visit
2) Clothing is an important issue. Because you are wet from wave spray or you decide to wade here and there, a swim suit works but doesn't really remain comfortable.
DryFins offers a chafe free, lightweight shorts made of quick dry materials. It comes with it's own bag, has a couple of pockets, looks good and is very comfortable to wear, especially in those wet conditions. Visit for more information.
I go through sunglasses like I change water bottles; frequently. Along comes Costa sunglasses with a great fit for me.
The Fantail frames (in memory of my Navy days) in tortoise color with green mirror 580p lenses and a croakie work great.
They are a comfortable fit I'm able to wear all day on the water and the drive back home. Fishing in a tournament near Lansing on Lake Ovid recently, I noticed right off the glare from sun was all gone. I could see down into the water which was very important on this weed choked lake. For more information visit
Dry Fins shorts, Costa "Fantail" sunglasses and Backwater paddle. Photo by Beukema

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