Friday, October 21, 2016

Glen Uhl-don't put fishing tackle away yet

Glen Uhl would probably fish in a bath tub if he thought the least little bit there might be fish in it.
That's why he carries a small rod and a bit of tackle around with him wherever he goes.
He's getting ready to head north for his hunting camp in the woods. Wife Wanda will go along. But deer isn't the only thing on his mind.
He's going to be waiting to see how people are doing on the pier at East Tawas fishing for white fish and these tasty piscatorial species are in yet.
Uhl and his wife usually can them, keeping them to eat at other times of the year. But he insists they are good about anyway you choose to cook them.
Over the past few years Uhl and I each have lost longtime fishing pals. Joe Zikewich, known locally as Ice Floe Joe and Uhl were practically inseparable especially on the water.
Wild Bill Bill Baker and I fished a fair amount of water together namely shore fishing for walleye with set lines in Port Huron along the St. Clair River.
Since both men have passed on, Uhl and I have gravitated toward being fishing pals. However, this past year we hardly got out due to circumstances beyond anyone's control.
His wife has been ill and my wife if going through life with Parkinson's disease. We both have a responsibility to caring for our spouses that far exceeds anything else.
We look forward to the year ahead and the chance to fish a bit.
Glen Uhl speaking about whitefish fishing at OCSFA meeting.

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