Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Anglers welcome The Bait Shop in Waterford

Finally, we have a bait shop in the area. "The Bait Shop" opened it's doors a week ago and already area anglers are finding their way to this much welcome business.
Located at Airport and Hatchery Roads, it seems about centrally located with all of the inland lakes in the area.
"We are specializing in fishing gear," owner Mark Malevich said. "It's family orientated. One of my goals is to get kids and families involved in fishing," he said.
He'll carry a couple of ice augers and a few ice shacks along with (this time of year) ice fishing rods, line, lures along with mouses, spikes, wax worms and minnows.
"We've got all new minnow tanks and the equipment to keep them fresh," he said. Malevich is no stranger to fishing or working in a bait shop.
"I used to work for KD Outdoors and have fished tournaments for several years," he said. "People pulling boats will like this location because they can pull in and drive around the building without having to park down the street or needing to back up."

Bamboo clothing review:
Mention bamboo to fly fishers and thoughts of a handcrafted rod immediately come to mind.
Now comes Boody Body wear for men, women and children with fabric made of bamboo textiles.
I’ve worn the well-fitting boxer style briefs that are designed to give men maximum support while being lightweight and dry.
These days bamboo isn't used just in flooring or to feed Pandas. Now comes clothing made of bamboo.
As a rule I never wear T-shirts but I made an exception and tried the Boody “T.” The shirt was so lightweight and comfortable I forgot I had it on.
Because it’s getting near time to get ice fishing gear together I’m going through my socks to see what might work better this year.
Boody socks are thick, stay in place, are warm and best of all, seams seem to disappear. With all of my socks I can feel the seam that runs along the ball of the foot.
The seams in these socks make for a smooth fit. I wore them all day yesterday in a pair of Dockers loafers.
The socks stayed in place all day. Check Boody products out at . Booty clothing is available at Meijer.

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