Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ice definitely not safe in southeast Michigan

Longtime fishing buddy and Waterford resident Glen Uhl prowls many of Oakland County lakes year round.
For Uhl, ice fishing is something to be looked forward to. Cass Lake and it's surrounding waters like Gerundegut Bay are areas he likes to fish.
Sunday he headed out from Dodge Park. Along the way he encountered a long angler. The two talked for a moment.
As Uhl headed out, the other man followed him onto Gerundegut Bay. Uhl warned the stranger to be careful as both sides of the bay didn't have good ice.
The two cut holes and began fishing. "A short time later, the old guy caught a ice bluegill. A little while later he loaded his stuff and began walking to shore," Uhl said, continuing to fish.
Several minutes went by when Uhl heard a commotion. Looking around, he saw this man had fallen through the ice.
"I headed over there with an auger for something he could grab onto. About the time I got there he got out of the water.
"I heard some more shouting behind me. When I turned around, three other guys were running toward us to help. One of them went through in deep water. He was pulled out with a rope one of his buddies was carrying," Uhl said.
"I'll see you Wednesday morning. We'll do some work and improvements to your fishing sled in my shop," Uhl said.
Fine with me so long as we weren't venturing out onto the ice. For those of you thinking of ice fishing, keep thinking about it, preferably from your recliner. Stay off the ice.
Bay City resident Don Luenberger with Shiver on the River winning walleye. By Beukema

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