Sunday, April 30, 2017

In either good or deteriorating health, find a way to enjoy life

My most sincere and humble apologies to those that take time to read my blogs and my outdoor columns when they were appearing in “The Oakland Press.” I believe an explanation is necessary that have wondered what on earth happened to me or where did I go.
I’m still here in Davisburg trying to eek out a column or blog as time permits. I’m finding that as I grow older I move slower, can’t accomplish as much as I did a few years ago and have some added responsibilities to deal with.
Parkinson’s Disease has entered our lives. My wife was diagnosed about three years ago with what was then was termed a minor case.
She has no tremors but her balance is the thing that has affected her to the point that she must use a walker.
I can’t imagine what thoughts go through her beautiful head on a daily basis. There are things she is enjoys doing like cooking that she is limited in doing.
Riding in the car is a challenge. She is afraid of the rain and snow.
Taking the freeway is out of the question. All this from a person who loved to travel, camp, fish, and was up for pretty much everything. Now she goes several months without leaving the house.
The trips I used to take, some overnight, are a thing of the past. I’m afraid to leave her alone in the event she has a fall.  I try to do things close to home, sometimes leaving before daylight so I can be back the same afternoon.
If the trip is too far or for some reason I don’t feel comfortable doing it I don’t go. Pat insists I do these things and that she’ll be all right. But as soon as I hit the freeway that worry sets in.
So these days I stay close to home. Working in the yard, trying to shop and figure out meals, doing as much house keeping as I can, and in my clumsy way, caring for someone who has given me so much and the most beautiful life I wouldn’t have enjoyed without her are priorities.
I was moved to mention all of this today due to a fall she had this morning. This is the fifth time she’s fallen and not broken anything. We were both in the bathroom trying to get it ready to paint when I accidentally backed into her hardly touching her. She went down hard.
My neighbor fortunately was home and came over to help me get her up. Falls seem to pop up out of the blue. That’s why sticking close to home is important to me.
We’ve been through a few rough spots the past several years. We’ve known cancer, now are experiencing this disease.
I don’t write this for sympathy. All I have to do is look around and can see people in far worse circumstances than we are.
We’re blessed to have each other. I’m further blessed to be able to provide a role as caregiver. Pat deserves all of the help and comfort she can get. She deserves it after all the care she’s shown people over the years.
Hold your loved ones close. Remember there isn’t such a thing as ever doing too much for them. Stay positive and pray for patience.

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