Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nice people

My story this week had to do with Gregg Lamere from Gwinn in U.P. country. I had the pleasure of fishing with him for two days this past November.
Professional fishing is a lot like golf. There are a handful of people that cash checks regularly. Even though there are a lot of really good fishermen and golfers, only a few make the grade.
Lamere is one that made the grade. I don't think he ever reached the large money sums some anglers have achieved, but what he did achieve he did so with integrity and complete honesty.
This is not to say anglers are crooked when fishing tournaments. Quite the opposite. There is a certain code of ethics that requires self policing. So far that has kept this sport on the up and up.
If a cheater you be, you'll soon be found out and banned from any tournament participation.
I enjoyed being with Lamere for all of the qualities he stands for. Besides being a really good fisherman, he's totally relaxed on the water. Cheerful to a fault, he's quick to smile and tease gently.
I imagine in real competition some of that would change. But those qualities are never too far from the surface.
He's a great family man and dad, making him standout from others. He wears his heart, emotion, and feelings right out front where you can see them.
Had any negative trips with so-called pros that didn't talk to you, share what they were doing, or otherwise make you feel like the odd man out?
Send em' to me and I'll take a look for an eventual story. In the meantime, like Greg Lamere,stay positive.

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