Sunday, December 6, 2009

Books, Books and more books!

I'm one of those that think you can never have enough books. In my case, there are several that I use as reference when writing about a particular topic.
A home library is a good thing to have for many reasons even if you don't write. Books are great entertainment. You can spend hours reading and not realize how the time flies.
They are also a great form of relaxation. Unless of course you're reading some kind of ax murderer novel. Then the violence and action may work the other way and keep you awake!
Good friend John Long recently presented my with a wonderful book, "The Old Ausable." Writtenh by Hazen L. Miller, it's a history of this famous river and one I can hardly wait to begin reading
In my little world, it fits a certain style. This is one meant to be read in my recliner, slowly, to aborb all that I can.
Other books I can fun reading are all over the house. I usually have a couple going at the same time. They find their way to my bedroom and wind up on the floor on nightstand.
For doctors appointments I usually take one of these along. Makes sitting in a waiting room a little more tolerable.
It's true that you can hunt with one gun only, fish with one rod, and read a single book at a time. But with books, once you're hooked you'll probably have a couple open at the same time. Happy reading.

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