Tuesday, January 19, 2010

For those of you that have been following, I'm back home once again, safe and sound. I'm wondering what is going on with all the invasives, especailly the Asain Carp that threatens to take over wherever it is introduced.
While those of us in the Great Lakes and surrounding areas worry about such things, seems as though 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., in the nations capitol isn't overly concerned. At least not enough to slam the door, or in this case, water control gates shut so these critters already present in the river systems leading here, won't spoil fishing as we know it.
And from what experts say, spoiling fishing is an understatement. The fishing industry, -commoercial and recreational- in the Great Lakes is very valuable to say the least. Without it or if it's decimated or altered in any way, affects will be felt not only here in Michigan, but in many states borderig the Great Lakes, as well as Canada.
Stay tuned. I'll have more to say on carp, invsive weeds and the like. Cooments? Send them along. I'd love to hear them.

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