Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Funny how all sorts of diet and excercise regimes arrive about the time the New Year comes in. Seems as though promoters take advanatge of the consumer, knowing full well that resolutions will be made, many having to do with excercise and weight loss.
So why not jump on the band wagon and take advantage of us just when we are pretty much vulnerable and looking for that magic excerice or food that will have us back to high school weight in a couple of weeks.
Nothing even close to those claims exists. I've been there and done that. Usually with any of my doctors I'll ask if that magic diet pill has been invented yet.
The raw truth is you'll have to do it yourself. Eat less and better meals, and get some excercise. I know when I do these things, the weight comes off gradually, which is the best form of weight loss. It seems to last rather than the fad diets that see you losing pounds rapidly only to regain them.
What's all this have to do with the outdoors? Plenty, especially if you cross country or downhill ski, backpack, hike, hunt, fish, or any number of activites.
The likes of Kevin VanDam and others know that being in shape makes a difference when standing on a pitching deck of a bass boat for hours on end.
Hunters know they need to be physically in shape to hike in and possible drag a buck out. So do kayakers who propel themsleves largely with musccle power.
To better enjoy any of your outdoor pursuits this year, take the time and get in better shape. You'll be glad you did. Happy New Year!

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