Friday, November 30, 2012

Dedication-the stuff DNR personnel are made of

   It's been my experience all over the state that the DNR folk are some of the most dedicated people I've ever known.
   They are out and about for talks, demonstrations, as a source of information from the public, and many have the ability to work in their respective facilities as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and garbage disposal.
   While they do all of this they keep an eye on the budget, try to implement new programs, and as the modern saying goes, do more with less.
   As I wrote previously, many in the outdoor sporting community find fault with fisheries biologists for not planting walleye in a particular lake. Why don't they plant Grayling in the AuSauble, or more salmon in the Great Lakes?
   Wildlife biologists hear how deer herd numbers, when published, are always to be viewed as suspicious. And that the only reason the numbers are up is to produce more revenue for the department.
   Youth mentoring is the newest program to get a thumbs down my many. Seems this too is just another way the department has of making money off us true sportsmen.
   The truth is we all have someone to answer to. That fisheries biologist would no doubt like to stock those fish, and the wildlife people hope you'll see more deer.
   But they work within the departments means. That's something all government should consider doing before taking on anything else. Come to think of it it's good for our households to stay in line with a budget.
   If there had been no dedication, no purpose, no incentive to grab hold of an idea then the recent handicapped deer blind erected at Holly State Recreation Area wouldn't have happened.
   This took the effort of several DNR folks representing a variety of divisions. They worked together to make something happen that will be rewarding and of benefit for a lot of folks now and in the future.

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