Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Take a book deer hunting

    But make it a good book. Something that is a page turner and keeps your interest. On my first deer hunt, I spent all morning trying to be still while I leaned against a large oak tree. A couple of times I sat on a cushion on the ground.
   While I heard shooting all around me and far off, nothing came my way. Later that day for an evening hunt I was sitting on the edge of a woods with a farmers field behind me.
   I laid my shotgun down on the top rail of a split-rail fence that had seen better days. Just a few feet to my right was what appeared to be a run.
   From my stand, I was looking down into an open area near a woods full of oaks and beech trees. The forest floor was covered with leaves.
   It was cold but with little wind. I was engrossed in a novel; probably one of Elmore Leonard's. It was a page turner and I got totally engrossed in it.
   When I first began reading my book, I would look up at the end of each page. Somewhere in there I got so interested I read several without leaving my book.
   Thinking I should take a look-see, I slowly raised my head and looked straight ahead. I almost had to pinch myself when I saw a buck at the bottom of the hill, feeding and completely broadside to me.
   My shot hit the buck a little high and forward in the shoulder, allowing it to run a short distance. I was able to get a second shot off, bringing him down.
   This was my first deer. Had you told me reading a book would have been key in getting it, I would have laughed.
   Now, I always have a book along in my pack. For you see, it really does force one to sit still and concentrate. And that is key when deer hunting.

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