Friday, June 28, 2013

No hex hatch means no large trout

   Roscommon-Here and in Grayling and points in between the talk is about the lack of a hex hatch and night time feeding trout.
   Hex, also known as the Michigan Mayfly, is a large bug that usually makes it's appearance in mid June. It's always a guess as to when the hatch occurs.
   But when it does and should you be on the river you'll understand why anglers come from out-of-state and all over Michigan to fish this bug.
   The fly used is large so it's easy to tie on. And it's easy to see after dark on the water. That's when think type of fishing takes place.
   If you head north for the AuSable or Manistee River systems and want to try night fishing for trout here's some suggestions.
   Get on the water while it's sill light and pick the spot you intend to fish. Gauge how far you'll have to cast to get your fly in the zone you want to fish.
   Then find a spot to sit and wait quietly. You're waiting for darkness, bugs to begin hatching, and the slurp big trout make as they feed.
   Believe me. If you are there at the right time, it's an experience that will stay with you.

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