Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Where has summer gone?

   I'm hearing people say we haven't had our summer yet. Take a colder-than-normal spring, enough rain to hopefully help raise lake levels that need it, colder-than-normal nights and it's no wondering people are asking what is going on.
   Anglers of the long, limber rod-fly fishermen- are also concerned. Bugs that can be counted on to hatch t certain times of the year haven't been seen.
   Worse, the fish that normally feed on these insects are scarce as hens teeth. Add to that the high waters in rivers that are normally wadeable, these same rivers will probably float a good-sized yacht.
   When and if a true warm up happens, the $64 question is will these hatches finally occur? I'm in the camp that thinks its been so cold and in terms of the time in an insects life, we might be better off fishing poppers on lakes for gills.
   Having said everything negative about cold water fishing, there are some that manage to get a nice brown trout to take a fly.
   Even though conditions aren't what we would hope for, if I had regular access to any of the "up north rivers" on a regular basis, I'm afraid I would be thrashing the river to a foam.
   Don't give up yet. There's still time and who knows, these fish could turn on for the best bite ever.

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