Saturday, November 1, 2014

Computers-a never ending learning experience

I envy young people. That's because all of this technology is common, everyday life to them. I've been struggling the past couple of months trying to correct my current email address and get those in my address book informed of the change.
This all came about when I changed internet providers not thinking how it would affect all of my contacts.
Press releases from companies and others that keep me updated on things they may think are of interest to readers aren't coming in. Usually I get 20-30 emails daily. Now I'm down to a couple.
The ringing phone and someone on the other end who wants to know if I changed me email address alerts me to what I have been missing.
To prevent this from every happening again I now get emails through gmail; some of them. For some reason, gmail won't allow me to notify most of my address book telling me the address are no longer any good when I know they are perfectly good.
A call to gmail left me exasperated and with no solution. There's a lesson in all of this, at least for me: Never make technological changes without consulting persons with more experience.
In the case of gmail I did just that. Several friends, "in the know," were surprised I wasn't  already using such a service and all agreed that gmail would be the answer. It hasn't been.
Another area that his become cumbersome is that of passwords. I have so many I don't know what are most for even though they have been written down on a tablet I carry with me.
The Apple store at one point went through many of my passwords and attempted to consolidate several into one password.
That seemed to work for about a week then many of my services began asking for a password saying the one I provided wasn't any good. So it was back to creating several new ones.
Before any of this happened, I was permanently signed into several accounts and never gave these passwords a second thought.
Guess that what happens to us in the older generation. Oh to be younger and breeze through all of this.

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