Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Deer hunting injury update

As usual, there is some news, both good and bad. The good news is my fall opening morning, before daylight and the first shot was heard, resulted in no damage to the parts that make up my knee replacement.
The bad news is that it's going to take 2-3 months to completely heal. "You have a deep bruise, possibly a bruise to the bone that probably bled," physicians assistant Meredith Wood said.
After looking at X-rays and doing an exam to check for ligament damage, Wood, who is orthopedic surgeon Jeffrey DeClaire's right hand announced.
Walking is OK. My cross fit training at Dignified Cross fit in Waterford may continue minus squatting or lifting heavy weight.
The news is a great relief. I didn't want surgery to replace broken parts which would have required physical therapy and a tougher road toward healing.
On a different topic, on my way out to get the paper this morning, Mollie, our King Charles Cavalier Spaniel had found a new place to nap. Check the accompanying photo out!

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