Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New nests being built-birds singing

Just above my garage door light hangs a weedy next connected to the top of the light and the expensive vinyl siding we installed a few years ago.
Long tendrils of weeds, cloth and whatever else Mrs. Robin could carry in her beek to build the next hang down several inches below the next proper.
Soon, the inside of the nest will be lined to accept several powder or soft blue eggs. Mother robin will sit on the nest, devoting her time to keeping those eggs warm and warding off any intruders.
I usually sneak up to have a look when I know she is off and in search of feed. I never touch anything and get out of the area quickly.
But we have discovered a problem with one robin and one sparrow. Pecking at our windows. We had them tinted a couple of years ago to cut down on the damage the sun does when it moves to that side of the house.
This side, the west side, receives sunlight for several hours each day. The affect is finish fading on furniture and drapes and curtains becoming brittle.
These two birds peck all day and well into the evening. Even the rain doesn't slow them down. Experts say it's the tint that gives off a reflection making the birds think there is an intruder nearby.
I hate to take the tint off but don't know of another solution.
But back to the birds in the next. The DNR reminds us to leave young wildlife where you find it. Bird parents are aware when young fall from a next and have the ability to get them back.
When the scent of humans is transferred to any living wildlife chances are it will be abandoned. Fawns are a great example.
I've actually stumbled across them while traipsing through the woods. I come upon them all of a sudden.
Those white spots help make them blend in to most any background. Mom usually leaves them during the day to feed but is close enough to hear them cry if they are inn danger.
Deer especially are sensitive to scent and may abandon young offspring if you get too close. The best scenario is to back off and take a long way around that fawn.Don't worry, his mom will return to care for him.

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