Thursday, June 4, 2015

Don't miss Free Fishing Weekend

It happens twice a year. No, It's not your birthday or Christmas. It's the DNR's Free Fishing Weekend, this summer June 13-14.
Licenses are free for non-residents and residents but all other fishing rules and regulations apply. So, as I've said for many years, if you have wanted to get out and try fishing but didn't want to make a huge investment, Free Fishing Weekend provides that opportunity with a license fee.
Borrow equipment from a friend, neighbor or relative. Ask someone to take you along if only for a few hours.
Can't find anyone? No worries. Head for a state or Metropark that provides fishing and ask someone who has a line in the water for some help.
Anglers-ladies and men-usually are very generous with helpful tips, how to information and will even give you the right bait to use if you don't have any.
Get your line in the water, use the chair you brought from home to sit in and relax, keeping an eye on your line or bobber, depending on how you are fishing.
Time really does fly when you are having fun. Enjoy yourself.

Photo courtesy of Oakland Press Tim Thompson

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