Friday, June 12, 2015

MVM-Michigdan, Virginia mafia rocks the smallmouth world

For the past 12 or so years, six friends have gotten together the week before Memorial Day to hang out, enjoy each others company and fish for smallmouth that are immediately released.
This gang of characters include John "Mini" Mainiaci, Bill "Mac" McElroy, Carlos Hathcock, Scott "Toxic" Hammer, Marke Cicero, and until this year, Ken Neeley.
Neeley, who owned and operated KD Outdoors passed away suddenly last year. This year's outing was full of Neeley stories. "It's time to get the fishes," was one favorite.
Prominent in the cottage on Harsen's Island the group rents annually was a small table, a memorial to Neeley of sorts.
The table held several pictures of Neeley enjoying life and friends, a cap dedicated to him and always a 1/2 glass full of an adult beverage.  Most of us had to walk by it to get to our beds or gather for meals. No one needed to point it out. The tribute spoke volumes just by being there.
This was not so much of a learning to fish weekend as it was enjoying the company of those we don't see until the following year.
However, fishing was on everyone's minds. Questions and comments about different types of fishing, baits and where to go were all topics when we gathered for the evening meal.
I've always enjoyed these kinds of outings. Whether it be trout or blue gill camp, deer camp or small time, one thing is for sure. They all are fun.
If you get a chance to attend a camp with friends or family, do it. Time flies. Before you know it, you'll have lost some members or perhaps become incapacitated yourself to the point that you can't enjoy these outings anymore.
Whether they are hunting or fishing, they are bound to be fun.

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