Monday, September 21, 2009

Hunt safely

Fall hunting seasons are here. In no time archery deer season opens (Oct. 1-Nov.14). Whether you go afield to hunt squirrels or woodcock, or wait to hunt deer, remember to hunt safely.
That means you small game hunters need to wear hunters orange. For me the more orange the better.
Always keep guns pointed in a safe direction and on safe when not firing. Know your target and what is between you and it and beyond. Don't take a shot if you have doubts.
Archers aren't required to wear hunters orange. Instead they will be in one style of camo or another. In any event they may be difficult to see.
If you are deer huting from a tree be sure you wear a safety harness b0th to climb and then in the stand. It should be the type that will support you upright without cutting off circulation and one that allows you to gain the stand back in the event of a fall.
Never climb with a bow and arrows. Leave all of your equipment on the ground tied to a rope. Bring the other end of the rope dup with you. Once you are secure in the stand haul up your gear. Do the opposite when you leave.
For any hunting be sure and let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return. Stay safe during these hunting seasons.

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