Monday, September 28, 2009

New Gear

Last week's Oakland Press column dealt with some new gear for the outdoors set and a book review.
While I am far from an expert, I don't review products or books that I think are not up to the standards readers anticipate when the make a purchase. This is strictly my personal opinion.
The new book, "Guide to Great Lakes Fishes," by Gerald R. Smith of the University of Michigan is a good bet whether you have books on fishing or are just getting started.
You can never have too many. And the more recent they come out the more information is available such as those pesky species we are now seeing that come in through ships ballast.
Published by the University of Michigan Press, these 136 pages are full of good information, drawings and phots.
Worth the price of admission are the maps toward the back showing where certain fish species should be found and a comprehensive listing of web sites applicable to fish.
For you hunters and those that are gadget challenged like me, it doesn't get any simpler than Bushnell's Backtracker GPS. Hand-held, it holds three way points and will get you back from your stand to your starting point once the lights go out. Check it out at
Sooner or later you'll need light in the woods or on the boat. The Gpo Fast and Light is a new LED light-actually three-in the bill of a baseball camp. You wear the battery and wiring, concealed in a headband.
A switch concealed under the visor turns the light on for straight ahead work, another click shines it downward to assist with unloading a gun or tying on a bait and a third, brightens the second selection.
There is absolutely no added weight to the cap. Wear it like any other and go. Check it out at or 916-853-CAMP.

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