Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I'm fired up about this new way of communicating with all of you that read or participate in the outdoors sports. I try to cover most of it in my weekly columns in the Oakland Press that appear Thursday's in the Sports section.
From time to time I get emails from readers that agree with what I write, some disagree, while others offer tips or suggestions about things going on or people they find interesting. I try to answer all the mail and foloow up where I can.
Heading into fall brings with it the various hunting seasons. And with it the complaints that the DNR isn't doing enough for the deer herd. That their numbers are too high witnessed be fewer deer being seen.
There are those that think the number of anterless permits are far too high. And of course the issue of deer baiting always comes up. Many hunters are opposed to baiting while others see nothing wrong with it.
Then there is the implication that the current administration in Washington is out to take our guns away from us. Not just handguns but your grandfather's shotgun or the .22 that was handed down or given to you as a kid.
I look forward to hearing your comments and what you are interested in. These days with a shrinking dollar, not a lot of time to get outdoors, and the many single parent families, it sometimes seems like being outdoors camping, fishing, hunting, skiing, boating, hiking or doing whatever you enjoy are not a priority.
Maybe that's wrong. Maybe some of these activities should be moved up on the to do list.


  1. Great Blog! Can't wait to see what is to come....

  2. Chris Dernay10/2/09, 6:55 PM

    Good glade to have you. Stop on by Brians blog On The Right and tell them about yourself. Conservatives and outdoors go together. I can't wait to read more.