Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas gifts

When my family asks me what I would like for Christmas I try to be pretty specific. Even though I can wear a large in most cases, I often prefer an XL for more room to move.
But the safe bet, at least for me, are books. I enjoy receiving them as much as I do giving them. They last, may be passed down, or held onto like a good friend.
But there again, I'm specific about what I like to read. Outdoors topics are nice but you do need a break from the routine. So I like some recreational reading as well.
Which brings me to another point about reviewing books. Early on I decided I would not write negatively about someone's book. If I didn't like it or feel it measured up to what (in my opinion) a book should, I wouldn't review it.
That caused some probelms a few years back when I met someone at a show who asked why I hadn't reviewed this book. "Send it to me and I'll look at it," I replied. Eventually the book came but the quality was pitiful.
A shortime later I recieved a call asking when the review would be pulished. I explained I wouldn't review it and would be happy to send it back-which I did-much to the disastisfaction of this person.
My point is not everything is as it seems. From books to equipment, sometimes they aren't what they are cracked up to be.
Happy shopping.

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