Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Invasive critters

This week's column had to do with invasive species, specifically what we are coming to know as Asian Carp.
There is a little history and some background information to begin hopefully, what will turn out to be a series.
Anytime we find invasives or exotics in our ecosystem it's very serious. A few years ago the plant, purple loosestrife was on the loose. Brought over here from another country, this plant takes over, choking everything else out.
It isn't easy to eradicate either. At the time, the DNR was asking for volunteer help to pull plants up on public lands.
One of the early problems was people thought the purple blooms were colorful and wanted to see them growing everywhere.
What seemed to be a thing of beauty was actually a big nuisance. The message is to guard against exotics in every and all forms.

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  1. What do you think of offering a bounty on the Asian Carp of lets say $5 a fish or $.25/pound by netting, spearing, shooting with a 410 shotgun or bow. I would think that this would be extremely effective, employee the out of work hunters looking to make a buck or just for sport looking. If all are not totally irradicated, at least limit the population growth might be limited until a better solution is found. A $2 million program would net 400,000 fish and the state DNR's could charge for a special license to cover administrative expenses. I would think a private firm could dispose of them in fertilizer, cat food or some other use.