Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This week's story has to do with Mark Martin's Ice Fishing Vacation School. If you have not ever gone, give it a try. It's not too far from Oakland County, it looks like the weather will cooperate, and according to everything I have heard, the fish are biting.
There's several good and positive things about attending. First is the emphasis placed on safety. Saginaw Bay is large and finicky. What may be good ice today can be truly hazardous tomorrow. In fact, under certain conditions, it can change hour by hour.
By going with experienced people, you'll be assured of getting out there and back, safely. They won't take chances and will error on the side of being safe.
Another plus is all of the individual attention a class of 25 gets from three professionals. Martin, joined by Mike Gofron and Mark Brumbaugh have been together for a number of years. The three have fished professionally all over the country and have been individual champions.
Their expertise is priceless. You tap into it at the seminar Sunday that is only for participating anglers.
It's here you'll learn how to rig up and get set for the next day's fishing. (I go most years and always learn a lot at these things.)
Then around meal time, more ideas and questions are prompted. Finally, sometime during the evening, anglers are asked to get up and briefly speak about how their day went-fish or not.
If you want to learn to fish a portion of Saginaw Bay and be safe doing it, give this outing a try. While fish aren't promised, you'll have a greater chance under these circumstances. Good Luck!

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