Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Asian carp-officials lack of response

You would think that anything as important and potentially devastating to the state's econmy, tourism and sport fishing industry as the possibility of Asian Carp infesting the Great Lakes, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment would be more forthcoming and accomodating when it comes to the release and discussion of this issue.
Instead, I am told to call Lansing and talk with an official who would answewr questions in an effort "to be one voice."
What's wrong with officials anwering the phone and explaining what they are doing, along with taking some questions. It's better from the horses mouth, and more accurate.
It's timely as well. Understandably, the DNRE wantrs everyone to be on the same page, but speaking with one voice is sometimes difficult.
It's unfair to the public and those trying to become informed when so many obstacles are put in the way.
Recently, I spoke with the director of the Tennessee fisheries Bill Reeves. Unlike politicians and leaders today that spend more time dodging answers to questions, he was forthright, and stated exactly what he felt should be done.
"You need someone in charge that will make the decision. It's either river barges or contaminate the Great Lakes with Asian carp. There isn't anyone with the guts to make that call," he said.
I'm not saying our DNRE officials lack courage. In the pasdt they have always been accessible and willing to discuss issues without dodging the questions.
Why someone has decided with the Asian carp issue to put a lid on communication is strange to say the least.
As they say, stay tuned.

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