Monday, May 17, 2010

Fencing Molly

Many of you know that as of one year ago, we have a cute little Cavalier, King Charles Spaniel. Molly is just a little over a year old, full grown, and a healthy 13 pounds.
She's also full of energy and thinks our backyard is her personal domain. That means any birds that land on the lawn, squirrels, chipmunks or rabbits are trespassing in her mind.
If she sees any of the aforementioned, she's at the door wall, scratching to get out. Right now, we have a stake in the ground with a coated cable attached that we hook to Molly's collar.
Once she's hooked up, she's off like a shot chasing whatever has invaded her space. The downside is we have to be extremely careful when opening doors to go outside. If not, she'll run out and just like a Beagle, follow her nose wherever that takes her.
She's gotten loose several times so we are well aware of the excitement that gets generated trying to catch up to her and get her back home.
The problem with running loose is it's not legal. But it's also dangerous. She could be hit be a car. Another consideration is someone could easily grab her and keep on going. You know, the dogknap caper.
We've been going round and round about fencing, at least for the backyard, but haven't come up with a solution. It's style, cost, and other considerations that hold us back.
Back on the front burner is some sort of invisible fencing. Two of our neighbors use it and it seems to work well other than it doesn't keep other unwanted dogs out.
So it looks to be our solution so Miss Molly has a free run of the yard on her daily patrols. Besides, she'll get a lot more exercise having a larger area to roam.
Who knows, she may very well tire herself enough to get some nap time in. Such is the life of a dog.

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