Sunday, May 9, 2010

No-Mo kayak fishing challenge, rough

WYANDOTTE-Rough didn't describe the conditions as 27 kayakers launched in and around Wyandotte for the first No-Mo tournament.
In places where water should have been several feet deep it was only inches due to the high winds that blew a lot of water out into Lake Erie proper. The good news was we all returned from the water very wet, cold and tired, most with no fish to show for the effort.
Anglers did catch fish, enough to received prizes. Chuck Bridges in 3rd place won a kayak rigging package, second place went to Jerry Glotfelty-$100 Hook one gift certificate-, and first place was David Lesar. He won an evergreen colored Wilderness Tarpon 120 donated by Wilderness and RKC.
Participants returned to RKC for the 3p.m. awards, to share stories, and have a bite of lunch.
Plans are already underway for the next No-Mo.
For more details read my column on May 19.

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