Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mom and Pop Tackle shop

This week it's final prep for the first No-Mo Kayak fishing tournament. It will be held this Saturday May 8 with all festivities being centered at Riverside Kayak Connection (RKC) in Wyandotte.
Going along with tournament fishing comes the tools to hopefully make one competitive. There is no better place to use as a sounding board than a local tackle shop. Unfortunately, we have seen a demise in these operations over the past several years.
But KD Outdoors in Waterford continues to stand the test of time. Owner Ken Neeley is visible in the shop when not fishing one tournament trail or another.
It's that kind of one-on-one service and advice you can depend on from such a store. Neeley fishes and hunts, in other words he he walks the talk.
I went in to get some line spooled on a a couple of reels recently and to ask him to basically explain line differences and when to use which type.
Instead of a few minutes I wound up spending a couple of hours going from line to knots to rods, to lures, -well, you get the idea-and in between, answering customers questions.
KD Outdoors is a great place to get the word on all of these things along with where to go to try them out, straight from the horses mouth.
Read more in this Thursday's column about KD Outdoors and what to expect when you walk in.

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  1. Bought my bow there. These guys know their stuff and they are great to work with.

    Thanks KD. I'll be back.

    Paul - Clarkston