Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ice, Iffy!

   At last week's Ultimate Fishing Show Detroit, show organizers made sure there was plenty of ice fishing gear even for the most finicky appetite. The trouble is where is the ice?
   Mitch McLaren of Auburn Hills reports anglers are fishing from docks in marinas along Lake Huron. "They punch a hole through the ice then drop their line in," he said. "They've been getting some decent perch," he added.
   At least they have found some action not too far from home. A couple weeks back I went to Lake Gogebic to find spotty action on the walleyes. That's a long drive even for ice.
   My advice would be to stay off area lakes. It just hasn't been cold enough to make good ice. Stay safe!

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  1. Ice fishing was my buddy's and my passion years ago when you could put a hard shanty out on the ice and not have some fool break into it. He lives in AZ now and I don't care to leave the fire when I can watch it on YouTube. I miss the staring down into the green depths while listening to the hiss of the Coleman lantern.