Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Warm weather can launch day be far off?

   Like many of you, when the outside temperatures get warm as they are today, and the sun shines, I cart thinking of launch day and all that needs to be done to get off on a good foot-eh, make that paddle.
   Another thing the weather brings out in me is the urge to begin camping. I know it's still too early to set a tent up; although some camp right through the winter, the idea is definitely there.
   Henry Goodman from Berkley wrote a nice letter in response to a column I wrote on camping and moving up from a tent to a pop-up.
   Suffice it to say that Goodman contends setting up and taking down a pop-up is a lot of work. Since owning two, he's moved to a travel trailer then on to a fifth wheel which he currently owns.
   Still on the lookout for the next best thing to camp in, he's an avid attendee of the camper shows and continues to follow the ads for RV's.
   He offers some good advice. "Carry a small pocket tape measure with you an check the thickness of mattresses. Lay down on the bed to be sure it's comfortable," he advises.
   We'll definitely check bedding out at the Marvac Detroit Camper and RV Show Feb. 8-12 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi.
   I'll be the guy with the tape measure.

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