Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ultimat Fishing Show due in Novi

   This Sunday's column has to do with the 2012 version of the Ultimate Fishing Show-Detroit, which will actually by at the Suburban Collection in Novi, Jan. 12-15. For more information visit
   You may think that because this is a yearly event, there isn't much new. But I've learned over the years there is always a little something to help you fish better, whether it be new equipment or a technique.
   To improve you need to educate yourself. And you can do that at this show by attending seminars on subjects of interest to you.
   By listening to the virtual gold mine of knowledge that comes out of these seminars you learn. Then by asking questions you find out what has changed over the previous year.
   For instance, you may think that a certain rod and flex are the best for cranking. It may turn out to be something different; something brand-new just developed over the previous year.
   So, break up your winter and head for the show. You're sure to learn something. I'll be there with my fishing kayak talking fishing out of a kayak. Stop by and say hello.

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  1. These shows are a wealth of information on tackle, gear, places to go and the foods are great too. Take the kids fishing in the trout pond.