Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mentored Youth Hunt puts kids in the field

   Just prior to the National Resources Commission approving a mentored hunt for youth under 8 years of age I had a conversation with some long time hunters who were expressing concern that there were too many opportunities for youth to hunt.
   Their concern was largely about deer hunting and the chance that too many hunters in the woods would severely deplete the deer herd.
   Eldon Montross, Michigan United Conservation Club liaison for the Oakland County Sportsmen's Club doesn't see it that way.
   Montross feels this a good way for dads to get out and connect with their children while at the same time teaching them how to hunt safely and conduct themselves in the outdoors.
   He thinks that once in awhile a kid will shoot a deer, and that isn't enough to wipe out the deer herd. Montross began hunting when his dad took him along as a youngster. "I didn't carry a gun, but went with my dad a lot," he said.
   With good, proper mentoring, this program should get more kids outdoors learning more than how to hunt.
   This is a golden opportunity to teach kids how to be reliable, trustworthy, courteous and responsible.

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