Monday, February 27, 2012

Response to mentored youth hunt

   Like any new program, the Mentored Youth Hunt recently approved by the Natural Resources Commission has it's share of doubters that this is a good thing.
   My concern is the mentors. We live in a day and age where dad's aren't typically in households due to divorce or other considerations.
   In other words, there are a lot of single family/parents homes where mom is doing the parenting, and in many cases trying to fill in where dad's would normally be.
   True, there are females who pursue outdoor sports. But are there enough to mentor children? And if dad is in the home, there's a good chance he's working two jobs tying to make ends meet. That doesn't leave much time for a mentored hunt.
   While I'm glad that something is being done to get more young people interested in the outdoor sports, I'm not absolutely sure this is the way to do it.
   Charlie Mann from Hunters Creek Club brings up a good point: Mentors are going to have to know their children well enough to determine whether they are responsible or mature enough to be in the outdoors with a firearm.
   Yes, there are ten-year-olds who definitely are mature enough and will do fine under the proper supervision along with a good upbringing.
   Hopefully, mentors will realize that just because a child has reached the age of ten doesn't necessarily mean he or she is ready to hunt.

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