Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Election history-so are unwanted phone calls

   Finally a little piece and quiet here in Northern Oakland County. For the past several weeks our phone has been ringing off the hook with calls from this or that candidate.
   Like any unwanted call, these are such a pain when one is taken away from this task or that just to answer a recording.
   Use your caller id you might say. We do. The problem is these political calls resemble two we get from our children overseas.
   That is the caller id shows up exactly the same. While it doesn't identify the called, the term "out of area" usually means one of our kids is calling.
   If we let it ring, instead of cutting off after a certain number, it actually goes to voice mail. Later, when you see the lights flashing indicating new messages it's more time going through them to delete those not important while listening for messages you care to hear.
   The "do not call" initiative is great. Too bad it doesn't take in these robo calls.

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  1. I make it a point to not vote for candidates that use robo calling. But that "Heather" from Card Services is the worst.