Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April-That magical month

   I think of April as a magical month. It's the time of year to buy a current fishing license, knock the dust of tackle, and sort out the fly fishing gear for the soon-to-be-here annual statewide trout opener the last Saturday of the month.
   With the fine, unseasonable warm weather we've been experiencing, many anglers no doubt have opened the season a little early on their favorite flies only, catch and release streams that are open to that type of fishing year round.
   Plans are being made for opener celebrations. Whether that takes the form of opening the family cabin for the year or wetting a line on that magical Saturday, you can bet there will be nearly as many stories told and retold as there are in deer camp.
   But remember, first things first. Get that new fishing license in your wallet before you do too much else.

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