Monday, April 16, 2012

No-Mo tourney, good way to experience kayak fishing

   Fishing from kayaks is appealing to more people. It's the ease of getting into the water even without a ramp, puts you closer-right at water level-with the action, and is cheaper than buying an expensive power boat.
   One way to get a feel and try it out is to do it by participating in a paddle outing such as the one's put on by Riverside Kayak Connection (RKC). Call RKC at (734) 285-2925 for more information.
   You could venture out and try fishing on your own. But an even better way is by registering for the No-Mo kayak fishing tournament, May 6.
   This is a great opportunity to share kayak fishing with other like-minded anglers, see how they do things and learn more about the sport all the while helping a great chary, Make-A-Wish foundation.
   Call RKC for registration info or visit for more information.
   See you on the water!

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