Monday, April 9, 2012

Nest building, mating, and babies-all part of spring

   The animal and bird world is busy gearing up for the next few months. Bids are about their daily mission of finding nest building materials, as well as a good location for this year's home.
   During this time, they have to keep up on eating as well as finding a suitable mate. Soon, those females will be warming a nest that holds eggs. Dad usually stays nearby to help ward off predators, bring food to the young once they hatch, and in some cases, even help tending the nest.
   In the woods and fields, you could be surprised by finding some of the ground nests or even a new fawn left seemingly alone while it's mother hovers nearby, and out of sight.
   The plan this time of year is to leave wildlife alone. Don't bring young birds home that you think have fallen from the nest. The same is true with any other animal. Leave them where you find them.
   There's a good chance the parents have a way to get them back into the nest when the time is right. After all, they may be out and about as a part of their upbringing.
  Get out now on these nice days and enjoy spring.

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