Monday, April 22, 2013

Ok-I know I'm late, but don't count me out, yet!

   Hey readers. I had a little bump in the road along that path of health. During a routine checkup last week my doctor informed me I have bladder caner. Very quickly I was admitted and the malignant tumor was removed. I'm waiting now to see what the outcome on the labs will be and if chemo is in the future.
   Like they say-whose they?-life rolls along pretty smoothly until that bump hits you then things really slow down.
   Normally, I'm a pretty positive guy. I can't stand being bedridden. Sickness of any kind is hard for me to handle.
   Normally I'm up and at em' pretty quickly. With two total knees replaced i was ahead of the rehab curve by the time I began rehab. I try to stay healthy and in some sort of good shape. This was definitely a blast out of nowhere.
   Anyway, I haven't gone away. Just laid up for a few days with pain meds and a lot of other stuff you wouldn't care to read about.
   Bladder cancer they tell me is most curable. It's also one that is highly likely to come back once it begins.
   I'm hanging in and will have blogs this week more in tune with the season. Till then, hang in and count your blessings.

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