Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Skunks and fishing license renewal-more signs of spring

   Fellow angler and longtime tournament walleye fisherman Mak Sak writes "Spring is definitely here. I saw my first skunk today."
   Anyone that fishes gets a reminder each year when fishing licenses expire the last day of March. For several years I forgot about getting a new license only to be reminded at the ramp about it.
   "You remembered to get your license renewed," was and still is a friendly reminder at the beginning of each new fishing season.
   Traditionally, the annual "ice out" brings with it lots of anticipation as to what the new season has in store for us, exploring never before fished lakes, and maybe a trip to Canada or the Boundary Waters for one of those life changing experiences.
   In a rush to gather tackle, change line, and get those "must have baits" into the box, we often forget the legalities of the sport like that new license. We'll remember soon enough once a Conservation Officer asks to see it!
   If you haven't purchased a new license do it now before encountering an embarrassing situation.

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