Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Trout opener, on schedule despite high waters

   Despite reports of higher-than-normal water levels, the trout opener will happen this Saturday. Unless of course you fish any of the flies only, catch and release stretches where fishing has been all year.
   Good friend Nelson Alexander hadn't fished an opener in years. "That time of year has never been any good. It's always cold and rainy," he would say if asked to fish.
   "I'll want until late May or June for the hex and the really big fish to come out." His tune changed the year he bought a cabin on the AuSable's South Branch.
   You can't get him away during the opener and the week before. He's busy making plans, wondering who will show up and figuring out a mouth watering menu to keep em' coming back.
   A year or so after taking over ownership of the cabin I kidded him about fishing the opener and was rewarded with one of his hard stares that translates to don't mess with me. Since then I haven't.
   This year though he has conceded that fishing may be a bit tough on his side of the river. "I've never seen the water run so high," he said.
   It's a good thing the cabin sits high and dry because the lawn in front that goes down to the river is covered by a good two feet of water.
   Don't let any of this high water talk discourage you. If you make the opener an annual event then go and enjoy it however the opportunity presents itself.
   Besides, there should be plenty to eat at The Old AuSable Fly Shop's annual cookout.

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  1. After posting as ol Nelson, and being unsuccessful becauase the website won't let me, i'll post as anon and see..i'll be fshing keystoen this week~
    Nelson A.