Saturday, February 1, 2014

Gilda's Club victim to cold weather

Gilda's Club on Rochester Road in Royal Oak was on the receiving end of the bad side of winter. Wednesday, a fire suppression pipe broke sending gallons of water from the third floor all the way to the basement.
Walls, floors, carpets, equipment and furniture, were some of the items that were damaged by the burst pipe.
Gilda's, named for the famous comedienne, Gilda Radner, who was from the Detroit area, was founded to be a source of comfort, information and activities for people undergoing treatment for cancer. Radner died several years ago from cancer.
Damage is estimated to be $200,000 to the 9600-square-foot house built in 1912. A company has been at Gilda's since the incident, drying up water, tearing drywall out back to the studs, and other clean up.
The house is like a second home to many of it's members who find comfort, peace and understanding through the various programs and groups offered that are all free.
Currently, clean up professionals are on site, but volunteers will be needed and welcome when it comes time to move furniture and other office-related equipment back in.
For more information or to find out where monetary donations can be send, visit or call (248) 577-0800.
This worthy organization has been helping people who are struggling with cancer and the after affects of treatment.
Now this very organization is in need of much appreciated any help and support you may be able to offer.

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