Friday, February 14, 2014

Last ice fishing school of the season

In nothing else, Mark Martin's final ice fishing school participants had great weather. Not much wind for openers which meant wind chills and that bitter cold was all but a memory.
"The sun was shining. It was just about perfect except the bite was slow," Martin said. "We could see the fish lying on or near the bottom with our cameras but there weren't many takers.
And as usual, on the last day, just before packing it in, Martin gave it one last chance, but moved a little.
"Boy I got into them," he said. "You should have been there. I could have had a limit in no time."
Limit is a key word, especially on this fishery. As we were waiting for our classmates to arrive at Linwood Beach Marina, a DNR conservation officer was having a word with four anglers.
Later, he stopped to talk with me. "We are on the lookout for registrations and helmets but we also pay attention to people with too many fish.
"The limit is five in possession daily. This guy was bringing his fish in along with a buddies who was still on the ice. That's illegal and we'll write a violation for it any time."
As the CO explained, "We're here trying to protect the resource." When he finished his explanation, all those in our group thanked him for the job he was doing.
It's been said before, if you are going to do it, then do it right. Otherwise don't do it at all.

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