Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More snow so what's new

In north Oakland County we woke this morning to several inches of new, overnight snow. I'm waiting for it to quit falling to clear out the drive. That snowblower has paid for itself this year.
With record amounts of snow piling up, what happens when we get a good thaw and this stuff has to go someplace?
Rivers, streams and lakes will eventually be the recipients of the run off. So will basements, roofs and  storm sewers.
A few years ago while attempting to fish the south branch of the AuSable River in late spring, wading was impossible above Chase Bridge due to high water levels and extremely fast currents.
Even in the Mason Tract, places normally fished in somewhat peaceful waters that held trout, conditions made wading nearly impossible.
All along the river, the fish that were purported to be in certain holes were nowhere to be found. This condition lasted up to and including the hex season that occurs in June.
Unless we begin to get some slow melt-off, these conditions are likely to persist and last well into the trout season.
Like an old hunting partner used to say about his grandfather fishing Saginaw Bay with one of his son's, 'better hear her for shore Andy. There's a high sea comin'.

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